Photography, Print

Victoria Park, Northbridge, Southern River

Food Restaurant

The name Chimek is a portmanteau combining the word ‘chicken’ with the Korean word for beer, ‘mekju’. The result is a match made in heaven with Chimek! Chicken & Beer. With locations spreading the entirety of the Western Australian Metropolitan region, their restaurants serve up a range of succulent chicken and crisp, cold refreshments with a modern twist.

Chimek’s recent promotion features a new kids meals and combos prepped up and ready for the scorching Australian summer. The printed menu and flyer designs were built around Chimek’s current branding utilising the same fonts, colours and tone of voice. This was Bento Box’s foundation to designing and developing the printed material to encapsulate the same brand image and maintain consistency.

Hip, modern and urban, Chimek’s tasty Summer meals and high quality ingredients were highlighted through the lense with Bento Box’s photography services to entice customers. Continuing with their current branding style, a dark colour palette was utilised by Bento Box to further exude a premium and exclusive atmosphere.

Visit their website to find out more on the latest, mouth watering sensation that is Chimek! Chicken and Beer.