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Humans are natural storytellers. From campfires to social media, we can’t help but be drawn to compelling tales. Here at Bento Box, we are committed to helping our partners tell their stories to the world.

So come and have a chat and let’s tell a story. Together.

About Us

What do we do
at Bento Box?

Bento Box Design Studio is a full-service marketing agency, that brought together the unique skill sets of five like-minded founders. Through our wide range of design and marketing services, we are committed to helping our partners tell their stories to the world.

Specialising in design, business branding and social media marketing, we understand that in order to help market your business or service, we must first distill its true purpose. With this clarity, we are able to visually represent this through distinctive and strategy-driven design. From head-to-toe, Bento Box ensures the entire brand embodies the essence of your business. 

From developing the logo, establishing typography, colours and designing and developing a website, to establishing the imagery, tone and language in which personifies your business, Bento Box wholeheartedly help our partners to create an identity that will be used as the foundation to help market their products or services.

Our Process

What is our method?


Let's get to know you

We understand that entrusting your brand to someone you’ve never met is a big ask. So, we don’t ask it. We always prefer to sit down with you before we get started. It means we can see what you’re passionate about and what brings a spark to your eye. Plus, you can ask us any burning questions you may have.


Plan and strategise

You wouldn’t start baking without a recipe and we don’t start designing without a strategy. Regardless of how big your project is, developing a clear plan means we can provide you with the best solution, no matter the size of your project.


Let's get cooking

We know each other and we’ve got our recipe, now it’s time to get cooking. Our marketing team and design team sit in the same room, so, unlike in large agencies, they’re able to talk to each other, ensuring that nothing is done in isolation and you get the best possible outcome.

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