BON Group

Branding, Marketing, Photography, Print, Website Design


Electrical, Lighting, Agricultural, Industrial

A family business committed to doing things well, BON Group is the umbrella for the various BON brand businesses, including BON Electrics and BON Pumps. Founded by Frank and Gemma Bonomi in 1982, Frank has a fascination with all things electric. As such, the business has been propelled forward by a genuine joy for working with electronics.

Bento Box came on board to help BON Group refresh their image. A business operating on the leading edge of their industries, they should be appropriately represented as a contemporary organisation with knowledge that people can trust. Through a collaborative approach to the creative process, BON Group was able to inject its essence into their new brand and online assets.

Upon the completion of the BON Group refresh, they have decided to go ahead and modernise all of the business’s brands with Bento Box.