Gecko Shoe Care

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Jake is a man with two passions. Shoes and the environment. For Jake, needing to use a cocktail of chemicals to keep his shoes looking new just didn’t sit right. He figured there had to be a better way. He searched far and wide, but there was no product that was both chemical free and low-waste. So, named after the animal with self-cleaning feet, Gecko Shoe Care was born. The shoe cleaner that keeps your footwear squeaky clean, with none of the nasties.

Bento Box worked closely with Gecko Shoe Care to spread the word that you can now keep your soles clean without compromising the environment. From the product packaging to online store, Bento Box worked with Gecko Shoe Care to ensure their story was told.

Gecko Shoe Care is now primed and ready to be unleashed on the world. From it’s limited exposure at trade shows, people are loving not only the product, but also the design and eco-conscious, compostable packaging.

Check out Gecko Shoe Care’s website to find out more.