Pepper Lunch



Food, Restaurant

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!

Here comes Pepper Lunch. Careful not to touch the plate, because it’s hot where Bento Box has been. The team never turns down a project that involves food, especially when it sizzles. One of Japan’s largest fast-steak franchises – if you’ve visited the guys down at these joints, you would know everything is served piping hot, with a side of delish. 

Working closely with the humble people at Pepper Lunch, aside from trying to keep the salivating to a minimal, the team was able to dish out some tantalising posters encapsulating the brand’s aesthetics and ethos. Taking a bite from their current existing restaurant menu, Bento Box focussed on bringing to the table a new sense of sophistication and proper mouth watering imagery to showcase Pepper Lunch’s promotions. 

Something tells us we might have to head back real soon for their classic beef…You can find all of what’s on offer through their website, Instagram or Facebook