Open the Box.

How did it all start?

Bento Box Design Studio was founded from a desire to create a more holistic marketing and design agency. An agency that is more involved in Perth’s creative community. An agency that collaborates with creative industry associations like AGDA and The Design Kids. An agency that provides more opportunity for young people trying to find their feet. An agency that is compassionate. An agency that delivers better solutions for its clients.

Bento Box has fully embraced a collaborative approach to marketing. Unlike some big agencies, where the design team are siloed away from the strategic and photography teams, Bento Box’s boutique structure means all parts of the marketing machine are talking to each other all the time. This means fewer miscommunications, more collaboration and better results for our clients.

Bento Box is also home to the BENTO magazine. A platform for young and emerging creatives from around the world to proudly exhibit their work. To date, BENTO has provided exposure for dozens of artists to an audience of over 65,000 readers.

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Why are we called Bento?

A bento box is a traditional Japanese packed lunch containing a variety of menu items to create one complete meal. From your entrée to dessert, there is no craving a bento box can’t satisfy.

Like our namesake, Bento Box is designed to accommodate for the needs of those who come to us. Each member of our team brings with them a raft of skills and experience, that, when combined, work perfectly together to provide a holistic service.

Open the box and tell your business's story.