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Creating and defining your identity

A new business owner wanting to start off on the right foot.

You’ve got an idea and you’ve taken the plunge. You’re now your own boss and are doing your most to make your business the best it can be. Bento Box can work with you to establish your brand and increase awareness of your business. Let’s propel your new business into the world, together.

Modernising and striving for greatness

Small business with a vision and some rough edges to tidy up.

You’re not new to the world of business. You’ve established yourself in the market but have hit a plateau, you’re yearning for growth but feel your branding is letting you down. Bento Box will work with you to refresh your image and ensure it’s telling your story, putting your business’s best foot forward.

Strategising and expanding your business

Looking for new ideas to drive growth.

You’ve got an insatiable desire to grow your business. To share your brand story with the world and expand into new markets and reach new clients. But how? You’re too busy running your business to dedicate hours to marketing. Bento Box can support your efforts to achieve sustainable growth through full-service growth marketing techniques and narrative-led strategy and design. Make Bento Box your own personal marketing team.

Social Media Sizzle

Social media presents an opportunity to deliver amazing value to your customers. But all too often, social media is treated as an afterthought. At Bento Box we can help unlock the storytelling potential of your social media channels. Build a following that actually cares about what you’re putting into the world and connect with customers that are loyal for a lifetime.

Don’t leave your social media dead in the pan, give it some sizzle with Bento Box.

Moreish Marketing

Make your mark and tell the world your story with Bento Box’s experienced team of marketing boffins. We work with you to find innovative ways to share your business’s story with the world.

From campaigns to strategy, Bento Box creates solutions that last.

Delicious Design

Don’t stand for bland. At Bento Box, we cook up designs that will leave you and your customers hankering for more. We work hard to combine the best aspects of your business into fresh designs that tell your story.

Say goodbye to bland and serve up something customers will love with Bento Box.

Well-Done Web

Don’t settle for satisfactory. Make your online presence an extension of your brand, where you can have meaningful interactions with your customers and generate value.

Build your new digital home with Bento Box.

Full Flavoured Photography

Photography is one of the most effective ways to share. Humans love touching and feeling, but in the digital world that’s not possible. Beautiful photography can bridge the gap between digital and reality.

Get picture perfect content with Bento Box.

Let's make it happen.