Māmā Mochi

In March 2024, the creators of Bobaboba and Rodzilla stepped onto the dessert scene, bringing the beloved flavours of traditional Japanese mochi to Perth foodies. Located in Vic Park’s food hub, Māmā Mochi has quickly become the ultimate stop for mochi lovers, serving up a tempting variety of soft, chewy rice cake delights wrapped around creamy ice cream, bursting with flavorful fillings, and topped with irresistible sweetness.

Māmā Mochi’s brand identity is all about sweetness, delicacy, and softness. Bento Box Design Studio brought this vision to life by introducing a charming ‘Mama’ character, whose sweet face instantly brings a smile to your face at the thought of enjoying a delicious treat.

Alongside logo development, a peach colour palette was selected to mirror the sweetness and freshness of mochi ice cream, injecting a playful element into the brand. This versatile hue appeals to a broad audience, ensuring Māmā Mochi’s inclusivity and universal charm. Paired with a fun yet organic pattern, the colour palette conveys a sense of freshness and wholesomeness, reflecting the menu’s premium ingredients.

Illustrations for Māmā Mochi’s self ordering station take on a pastel, softened watercolour style reminiscent of a mochi’s gentle texture. This ethereal aesthetic mirrors the lightness and low-calorie nature of Māmā Mochi’s desserts, completing the brand’s delightful persona.

Photography: Fern and Dandy