At the core of our studio is the desire to cultivate long lasting relationships with our clients. Tailored with your needs in mind, our Retainer Packages offer exclusive access to our creative team whenever you need support.

Consider it akin to having your very own dedicated team at your disposal. With this Retainer Package, you have the flexibility to utilise our services over time and according to your schedule.

How does it work?

A Retainer Package works by providing you with ongoing access to all our services for a single monthly fee. This means you have the flexibility to use our expertise whenever you need it without the hassle of undergoing a tedious invoicing process each and every time. Work is executed based on a set number of hours that are allocated to each calendar month. 

With a Retainer Package, you can expect seamless collaboration, priority attention to your projects, and the convenience of budget predictability. It is a straightforward way to ensure that your business receives consistent support from our creative team.

What are the benefits?

With a Retainer Package, you will receive numerous benefits over a traditional agency working model: 

  • Access to all our services across both design and marketing. 
  • Access to our entire creative team, who will be on-call and ready to provide support ensuring timely assistance whenever you need it. 
  • Project priority to ensure all your deadlines are met.
  • You will receive our discounted hourly rate of $120.00+GST
  • Access to our discounted trade printing rates for any bulk printed collateral. 
  • A set number of allocated hours allows for accurate budget forecasting. 
  • Streamlined billing means multiple projects are handled under a combined work volume, eliminating the need for separate quotes and invoicing.
What’s included in the Retainer Package?

With our Retainer Package, you will have full access to all our services, making it easier for you to meet your business needs effectively and efficiently. This includes:

  • Brand identity development
  • Graphic design (business/loyalty cards, brochures, publications, posters, signage, packaging, digital assets, content creation)
  • Custom artwork & illustrations 
  • Marketing (strategy development, research, marketing support)
  • Social media marketing & management
  • Video content creation
  • Influencer & PR marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Photography
  • Website design & development
  • Website maintenance

We will work with you to execute any new or recurring design and marketing tasks to ensure you are always reaching your goals.

What if I’m not using all the hours included in my Retainer Package?

Any hours you do not use are carried forward for use in the following month. These additional hours are only available for the next month, after which your Retainer Package will revert to its original quota. For example, if you only use 10 out of 15 hours in March, you will have 5 extra hours to use in April, allowing for a total of 20 usable hours. But once May begins, whether you’ve used up those extra hours or not, you will go back to the original 15 hour quota.

What if I need more hours?

Our Retainer Packages include a small amount of buffer time, free of charge. The amount of bonus hours included varies depending on the amount of allocated hours each month. The extra bonus hours serve to help finish off any outstanding tasks that are near completion at the end of each month, without the need for additional billing. If you require even more hours, they will be billed as additional hours at the standard rate of $120.00/hr. 

Each month, we will review your package to ensure it continues to meet your needs. If you consistently exceed your allocated hours, we can explore options to adjust your package accordingly.

When will I get invoiced?

You will receive your invoice at the beginning of each month, including your retainer fee for that month and any additional charges from the previous month.

What’s excluded in the Retainer Package?

While we are able to offer all our in-house services in our Retainer Packages, there are certain third party services that fall outside these inclusions such as: 

  • Printing costs
  • Ad spend
  • Stock photography
  • Premium digital assets (fonts, website themes, plugins, software etc.) 
  • Website hosting/domain
  • IT services
  • General services provided by external third parties
What if I have more than one business?

There are no extra charges for more businesses! We will simply work off the same retainer package for all your businesses. However in saying so, you will find that you may need to increase the monthly hourly allocation in order to maintain an effective output across multiple businesses. 

We will discuss the best possible solution with you in order to effectively deliver on the goals you have set across all your businesses.

How do I know what the hours are used for?

We keep track of the hours used every month and send you a report at the end of each month. If you don’t use up all your hours, they roll over to the next month, once, as long as it’s within the duration of our agreement. You can ask for a report of your hours anytime you need it. If you happen to go over the monthly limit, we’ll bill you at the same rate as your retainer. Don’t worry, we’ll always give you a heads-up if a project looks like it might exceed your allocated hours.

What If I want to cancel?

You are welcome to cancel your retainer package whenever you need to. However, when you sign the retainer contract, you agree to notify us with one month’s notice for any changes you want to make to the engagement. There are no exit fees for terminating your contract.

Recommended Packages

Min 3 month engagement


(+1 hr bonus)

For businesses seeking to uphold their visual presence and communication channels. Our creative team can assist in creating content that perfectly aligns with your brand identity, ensuring consistency and effectiveness whilst helping you manage your online presence and social channels.


(+2 hrs bonus)

For small to medium sized businesses that have established themselves in the market and are now looking to elevate their visuals and online presence. Refreshing their brand identity and ensuring consistency in the rollout of marketing collateral across all channels is where this package shines best. The hourly allocation allows for tackling design-intensive objectives and tasks effectively.


(+4 hrs bonus)

For medium to larger sized businesses seeking to streamline their operations by delegating all marketing responsibilities and ensuring seamless execution behind the scenes. With a higher allocation of hours, it accommodates for a substantial amount of design tasks and enables the implementation of comprehensive marketing strategies on a regular basis.

For custom packages, please get in touch. Minimum package hours is 10.

We have been using Bento Box’s Retainer Package for three or more years now. The turnaround time and service levels as well as creative capability of the Bento Box team has been excellent. Nothing is ever too much to ask and they always respect our requirements. It’s like having our own in-house designer, but better. I’d highly recommend the team at Bento Box to support your business’s marketing and creative needs.

Global Seafoods

The team from Bento Box have gone over and above our expectations. Not only have they produced outstanding design and marketing collateral, but they have provided important strategic direction and have been completely invested in the success and development of our brand. The team are lovely to work with, always putting the client’s interests at the forefront.


Engaging with Bento Box a fully serviced marketing company who can manage – Digital, Social and Brand Design is simply a game changer. Bento Box provide a monthly allocation of hours to utilise across the business needs. In relation to the hotel and food and beverage requirements of our business units. Bento Box have been extremely supportive with all marketing needs such as recommendations on microsite improvements and upgrades, state of the art collateral design and interactive real time social media content. All members of the Bento Box clan are knowledgeable and I have complete trust in their product and work.

I would highly recommend anyone in the hospitality/ tourism and food and beverage industry to consider this dynamic company as an extension to their business.

Accor Group

Bento Box Studios has been a game-changer for our businesses! Their Retainer Package eliminates all my time for all graphic design, branding, social media marketing so that I can be focused on growing my businesses. Not only are they lightning-fast with responses, but their commitment in going above and beyond on every project or task is unmatched. Their attention to detail is so spot-on, it's like they do this for a living…Thank you everyone at Bento Box.

Mack Daddy's New York Slice

Utopia's experience with Bento Box has always been a good balance of professionalism and easygoing manner. With the ongoing Retainer Package, it has helped us with producing not only good designs, but also consistently puts more focus on the brand image and direction on where we are heading towards.

Utopia Bubble Tea

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