Discover our 5 Favourite Ways to Improve Our Clients’ Instagram

Here at Bento Box Design Studio, we are happy to see COVID-19 restrictions ease for a lot of our fellow small Perth businesses! With the decrease in government regulations, we have seen an increase in businesses opening back up and West Australian’s heading out in droves to enjoy their favourite pastimes again. As businesses start to get busier, now is the perfect opportunity to delve into an amazing Instagram strategy that will help support your brand getting back on its feet.

What are some of our favourite techniques that we like to use? To ensure that Perth businesses see ROI (Return on Investments) for their Instagrams efforts, here is a list to name a few:

1. Utilise Your Data Correctly

How do you know if your strategy is working or not? The only way you can accurately measure the effectiveness of different techniques that you are using is through accurate data. “But how do I collect accurate data on instagram?” Well, instagram has inbuilt reporting functions, where you can see trends in follower growth and engagement as well as some key statistics on posts to establish what kind of content generates the biggest response from your audience.

We have more good news. You can take this data tracking even further through the use of tracking links. If your Instagram links to your website (especially if your website contains e-commerce), you will want to employ the use of a trackable link in your Instagram bio. By using a trackable link, you will be able to understand exactly how many of your customers are finding your website via your Instagram. This type of information will help you decide if you need to invest more in promoting your socials or if you need to think of a different way to get people to visit your website. Capiche

Hot tip: There are plenty of different tracking links you can utilise. A great way to start gathering more data about how consumers interact with your socials and website is by including a Google Analytics Tag and Facebook Pixel in your website’s code.

2. Create Engaging Content

Creating the best content for instagram can be harder than you think. One of our top tier advice is including people and faces in your instagram images. When you’re taking photos for the gram, it’s easy to lose focus and get roped into photographing only your products/service offerings, as if to say “this is what we’re selling to you” but this approach completely diminishes why people choose your business over another.

People are drawn to the benefits that a brand offers them and this goes beyond a delicious coffee or a succulent meal. How do your customers feel when they visit your business? What lifestyle is your product portraying? What version of themselves is your product/service going to provide them? This is more likely to be a purchase driver than almost any other factor.

Ensure your potential new customers can easily visualise the benefit of purchasing from your brand by showcasing these aspects on Instagram. One of our favourite brands, Nike, are absolute ballers at utilising content to show consumers the life their products can provide, rather than just the products itself. Their instagram plays on the perception of a physical lifestyle that you can receive if you join the Nike community.

Hot tip: If that doesn’t convince you, photos that include a face have been shown to attract 38% more likes and 32% more comments than other images. Trust us when we say, there’s a lot of psychology that goes into branding on instagram – every move made is like a game of chess. The amount of thought that goes into selling a product is more than just images of an item/service with a price tag attached to it. It really boils down to promoting how your product is going to make that person feel.

3. Show Your Customers Where You Are (literally)

Instagram allows users to search via location, for example people looking for a restaurant or cafe in West Perth can easily choose between different dining options in that location. People who are searching on Instagram via location are highly valuable potential customers. Why? They are showing a certain level of intent. This means they have already decided they want to make a purchase and are now at the stage of comparing options in order to purchase. Generally speaking, social media exists to raise awareness. Your brand is saying to customers: “Hey! We exist, we are an option” – but with the advent of location searching, Instagram has positioned itself to also capture a range of customers who are just a little closer to making a purchase decision. With people actively searching for businesses in your area, wouldn’t you want to be in the mix?

Hot tip: Make sure your business address is linked on your Instagram profile and is accurate and up-to-date. This will allow your customers to find you and visit you in a more organic way. They’re the ones who are choosing to come to you, right?

4. Develop a Location & Brand Specific Hashtag Strategy

Did you know that Instagram now allows users to follow not just other accounts but also hashtags? This means people can stay engaged with any topic of interest, regardless of the contributors. Creating an effective hashtag strategy will allow your brand to stay in the loop for people who follow hashtags, or search through hashtags that are relevant to your business. When you are starting to develop your hashtag strategy, it is important to do some research into what your options are. There are some great websites that will help you establish new and related hashtags that could be relevant for your business.

When selecting the best hashtags for your Instagram, it is essential that you choose hashtags with a large following, but not too large that your content will get lost in the crowd. You will also want to make the hashtags more relevant to your business, by including location specific wording (e.g. #perthfoodies vs #fremantlefoodies).

Hot tip: A good idea would be to coin your own unique hashtag. This won’t necessarily capture a large percentage of new followers, but it will allow your brand’s fans to stay up to date with your content as well as contribute their own shots to your brand’s archive. Which brings us to our last point…

5. Engage with Your Fans

This is probably the most important tip of them all. Instagram can be a very powerful tool for building relationships with your customers. We strongly recommend engaging with your fans at any given opportunity, from following-back to responding to comments, any love that is shown to you on Instagram should be given right back.

As the amazing people at Hootsuite found that “Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands.” So, how can you best leverage User Generated Content? One of the best ways is re-posting. This means if someone posts a story/picture of your business, or features your products, it can be extremely beneficial to share this image with your audience via your own brand feed or story.

Finding this type of content can be a bit tricky, so we recommend that you encourage your customers to tag your business in their posts (you can mention this in your bio or in your captions), regularly check your tagged images to see if there is any new content that can be shared, and keep an eye on your inbox as story mentions from other users get sent there. You can also create a unique hashtag that your customers can use too!

Hot tip: Make sure you ask permission to share, say thanks, and tag the original poster in any User Generated Content (it’s just polite to do so). 

The key to these steps is consistency (what do we keep saying? Be consistent and authentic). You won’t organically grow your instagram overnight. In order to achieve your goals over time, there needs to be trial and error, while maintaining a consistent roll-out of your strategies. Support these efforts with accurate reporting and ensure you’re checking in on your progress regularly so you can make informed decisions moving forward. Always remember to be patient and give yourself time. Learning, growing and innovating are vital to improving your Instagram.

If this all sounds too complicated or too time consuming, but you know your business needs to leverage socials to support growth – dont worry. At Bento Box, we specialise in social media strategy, management and content creation. Basically everything you need to create a well branded instagram page that will support your business goals.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help level up your social media game.