Araluen Natural



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Ramana approached Bento Box with a vision. He wanted to create delicious, creamy dairy-free ice cream that people love to enjoy. He also wanted to make it vegan. He’d managed the first part, and he’d put together a logo, but he needed to bring it all together with the brand’s visuals.

Bento Box set to work on bringing Ramana’s vision to life. Araluen Natural is proud of its local, cruelty-free credentials and we wanted to ensure that the core of what makes Araluen Natural unique was immediately apparent to someone looking for a refreshing indulgence. We integrated Araluen Natural’s famous tulips into the packaging design, making it instantly recognisable to the WA community. The colours of the packaging are bright, happy and bold, hinting at the flavours within and the freshness of their origin. Similarly, for the ice cream truck, the bright, Araluen Natural pink was used to wrap the vehicle.

Since bringing its inner essence to the fore, Araluen Natural has been going from strength to strength. Its dairy-free ice cream is now available from more vendors than ever before, with new vendors being added every week. With Araluen Natural, going dairy-free doesn’t mean missing out.