Brendan Pang

Website Design



More dumplings you say? We’re listening.

We were honoured to be able to work with Brendan Pang once again, but this time on his personal website to help him share his love for all things delectable. 

Bento Box helped develop Brendan’s website just in time to promote his new cookbook, This is A Book About Dumplings, and Bumplings merchandise in preparation for his highly anticipated book signing event held in July 2020. Once again, sharing his passion for food and culture, Bento Box was able to capture Brendan’s desire to present to the world the story behind his reason for being a chef. For Brendan, it’s all about communities and people from all walks of life coming to the table. 

This won’t be the last time we’ll be working with Brendan. Bento Box just can’t get enough of him. Maybe it’s the dumplings, they’ve got a strong hold on us. 

Follow Brendan’s journey.