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Victoria Park, Northbridge, Southern River

Food, Restaurant

The name Chimek is a portmanteau combining the word ‘chicken’ with the Korean word for beer, ‘mekju’. The result is a match made in heaven with Chimek! Chicken & Beer. With locations spreading the entirety of the Western Australian Metropolitan region, their restaurants serve up a range of succulent chicken and crisp, cold refreshments with a modern twist.

With fried chicken that good and a personality to match it, we felt it was only right to design a brand new website that had attitude, freshness and a fun and interactive user experience. We continued the strong branding across social media and other marketing materials to create an overall consistent brand image that was recognisable and true to Chimek.

Fried chicken is a competitive niche so the Bento team works closely with Chimek to stay up to date with the latest trends, come up with merchandise ideas and ways to engage with the younger audience through influencer marketing and special promotions.