Cookaburras Cooking School

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Cooking School, Food, Education

A love for seeing the joy of their own kids learning the art of cooking is what inspired the owners of Cookaburras Cooking School to take the plunge and open their own cooking school. A chef by trade, co-owner Mark loves food, and has the technical skills to create delicious dishes. From an understanding that food preparation is a fundamental skill, Cookaburras travels to schools, community events and parties to teach professional cooking techniques and encourage sensory exploration through cooking.

Cooking shouldn’t be thought of as a chore, but an opportunity to create something that you will love. Bento Box embraced this ethos through its approach to telling Cookaburras’ story through design. Focussed on creating a brand that is endearing and approachable, Cori the Kookaburra was born. A feisty bird on a mission to share the joys of cooking with the people of Perth and a character through which Cookaburras Cooking School can tell their story.

Since working with Bento Box, Cookaburras Cooking School is continuing on its quest to bring culinary education to the masses through fun and engaging classes.

Whisk your way over to the Cookaburras website and get in touch if you are interested in cooking with Cookaburras Cooking School.