Fully Sikh

Branding, Print


Theatre, Arts, Performance, Youth

A Black Swan State Theatre Company and Barking Gecko Theatre co-production, Fully Sikh follows the life of the Perth-born Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa as she navigates the duality of growing up both Sikh and Australian in Perth’s suburbs. It’s a moving story of self-acceptance and resilience in the face of the challenges confronted by members of our community for being different and the toll these challenges can take on individuals and families.

Bento Box Design Studio worked closely with Barking Gecko Theatre to craft a show programme that patrons would take home and cherish. Featuring colours and patterns prominent in Sikh culture, the programme focuses on sharing stories of Sikhism. Its food, its tradition and its poetry, designed to bring people on a journey of Sikhism, long after they’ve left the theatre.

You can find the show programme and learn more about Sikh culture on ISSUU.