Mosaic Bites

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Food, Food Truck

Mosaic Bites was born from a love of sharing Arab food and culture with the Perth community. The brainchild of friends Kamel and Mostafa, an Egyptian and Lebanese on a mission to create a union of authenticity and contemporaneity.

Bento Box worked with Mosaic Bites to transform their food truck into a beacon of love for the striking flavours of their food. Using traditional Arabic design aesthetics, Bento Box highlighted the colours and mosaic tiling that could be found adorning the walls of buildings across the Middle East. Not only is this design authentically Arabic, but also visually striking, aiding Mosaic Bites to stand out in a crowd of vendors.

As many of the dishes presented by Mosaic Bites are foreign to Australian palates, the menu needed to guide people through unfamiliar culinary territory, making new flavours and dishes approachable. By taking a step-by-step approach to the composition of dishes, Bento Box was able to help foodies along their Middle Eastern flavour journey.

Since working with Bento Box, Mosaic Bites has been constantly on the move between food markets, building their following and sharing the unique flavours of the Arab world. You may even find them making an appearance at Perth’s first full time food truck park at Perth Mess Hall.

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