Swish Coffee Brewers

Branding, Packaging

Perth CBD

Food, Cafe

Is that a fresh cuppa coffee brewing? More like a fresh batch of branding brewing.

Swish Coffee Brewers serves up delicious coffee beans on St George’s Terrace on the daily for the occasional city dweller. But it wanted to be more than just a place for coffee – Swish is a hub for coffee-lovers who yearn to be a part of something bigger. It’s a place where everyone is welcomed, a place to have meaningful conversations, and a place for daily chit-chats with familiar faces.

Bento Box worked closely with owner and coffee addict Christian in developing a contemporary brand that resonated closely with his community. The minimal aesthetic of the brand is complemented by quirky illustrations that embody each individual. The humour isn’t loud or farcical, but subtle and wry. While the tone is inviting and friendly, Swish has become a brand that doesn’t shy from being confident and bold. Now passersby get a chance to glimpse into the world of Swish through the art direction provided by Bento Box. 

Looks like both senses of sight and smell have now been awakened. It’s time to get yourself down to the shop for a third (taste).