Theressa Designs

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Retail, Fashion, Bridal

Theressa Designs is a Perth Bridal Couture specialising in custom made wedding dresses with an extensive ready-to-wear collections available in store. With more than 30 years of experience in the art of dressmaking, Theressa adores the joy that she sees in people when their special day is accentuated by a dress that has been crafted just for them and it fits their figure perfectly.

A celebration of the art of a clothing designer, Theressa’s brand is a reflection of the premium, artisanal nature of her work. Committed to creating elegant pieces for every occasion, Bento Box was determined to translate Theressa’s love for the exquisite into the brand that represents her. The result is a soft colour palette and subtle typeface that conveys the premium service Theressa provides whilst suggesting the feminine touch that is present in the business. This aesthetic is continued online, with a website that acts as a beautiful showcase of the art of clothing design, taking people through a gallery of experiences featuring people in Theressa’s garments. To continue the holistic approach to telling Theressa’s story, Bento Box continues to manage social media accounts, ensuring she is constantly telling her story of premium design and sharing the joy of crafting beautiful garments for beautiful moments.

After engaging with Bento Box, Theressa has continued to build on her success, reaching more clients than ever and has been featured in the Singaporean magazine Her World Brides LUXE.

Visit their website for more information and a closer look at their collection.