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Passionate in carving a safe space for Australian youth in Perth, Youth Legal Service endeavours to promote representation and access to justice for children and adolescents. But how do we tell kids that the legal system wants to help them? Sometimes the process may seem incredibly daunting.

In order to send this message to all the young people in WA, Bento Box worked with Youth Legal Service to create an approachable brand that resonates with the younger demographic. Navigating the ideals of what legal services present to many young folks in Australia, the Bento Box team worked to develop a symbol of hope, compassion and inclusivity through the illustrations, the playful and contrasting colour palette, and holistic design. Fusing together elements of subtlety and innocence, Bento Box wanted to evoke friendly and welcoming sentiments from Youth Legal Service, whilst maintaining the nature of its professional services.

Operating through law establishments can be intimidating when it doesn’t have to be. Youth Legal Service is telling their story of legal advocacy and providing equal representation for all those who may need it.