7 Tips for Marketing During Social Distancing

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a small business owner wondering how best to tackle your digital marketing during COVID-19. Well, great news! We are here to tell you our 7 Tips for Marketing during social distancing.


Tip 1: Go Live!

This time of COVID-19 is the perfect opportunity to showcase what goes on behind the scenes in your business and let your customers really get to know you. Whether you’re hosting a cooking class for your most popular menu item or showing the process behind creating a brand new product. Going live on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to connect with your target market in an authentic and organic way.

As online resurgence is at a high, tackling the platforms where consumers spend the most time on is an ideal way to overcome your reach performance. LIVE videos are effective now more than ever, because people have the time to opt-in. Unless you were a public figure, they were almost vacant in participation – however businesses are beginning to buckle down on the peak of consumer interest regarding what their business is up to.


Tip 2: Join a New Social Platform

It can be hard to find time to learn new skills or branch out into new mediums while your business is travelling at full-steam. Now could be the right time to reassess what platforms you’re utilising to connect with your target market. TikTok and IGTV are great platforms to look into if you’re curious about sharing more videos, or maybe starting an Unsplash or a Pinterest for all your amazing photos could be the way to go.

Pick up your game, and maintain your current platforms whilst creating new ones. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, but feel it might be beneficial for your brand – look into it. At times, a brand’s message may come across a whole lot stronger when delivered through the right platform. Who knows? You could be underutilising ways in which you can increase your brand engagement.


Tip 3: Focus on Communicating Your Core Message

During this time we are seeing a lot of businesses work hard to stay afloat. Whether that be new operating hours, changing how you provide your services or introducing new products, it is important that your customers know what you’re up to. Focus on finding the best way to communicate your core messages on the right platform. Does that sound complicated and time consuming?

How are you balancing the conversation between you and your followers, whilst making sure your product is out there for people to see? If the focus is on helping the community through the use of your service, perhaps it’s time to pack down on that core value behind your business – but make it loud and clear! You’re not here to just ‘make sales’, you’re here to provide value to the lives of others.


Tip 4: Keep Your Digital Presence Up-to-Date

While thinking of amazing new ways to operate as a result of social distancing, it can be easy to forget to update your digital presence to showcase those changes. You may need to add a takeaway menu page and ordering system to your website or maybe hold a photoshoot to promote the online version of your face-to-face class.

Believe us, we’ve seen them – those neglected socials. It’s not a great sight to see, because our fingers itch in knowing how much potential there is for your brand…if only. Usually when someone develops brand recognition, it’s largely due to the heavy online presence that they have to show for. How else do you think we process consciously what we see vs. what we don’t realise we’ve seen? Keep your digital presence up-to-date and you’ll begin to build on that strong presence.


Tip 5: Stand Out

Of course you won’t be the only small business wanting to use digital marketing channels to communicate with their customers during this time. That is why it is so important to utilise exciting, innovative and professional content across all your digital marketing platforms. Are you in the market for a new logo? Maybe some amazing photos for your Instagram and Facebook? Or perhaps now is the time to create your dream website? Making sure you stand out from the crowd is always important but even more so at a time like this, when there is sure to be a lot more noise online.


Tip 6: Collaborate Within Your Business Community

The saying goes “there is strength in numbers” and this is also true with digital marketing. Now could be an excellent time to team up with compatible businesses and run a competition or giveaway on social media, or to leverage your combined customers by working with complementary businesses to your own. Connect with people that share similar values to you and get to work!

Help each other out. Build up brand presence and leverage theirs. Brands that collaborate with another tend to draw more engagement through the latter of combined followers/buyers. It’s also a great method to form relationships and create rapport through a different product or service, whilst garnering loyalty.


Tip 7: Show that You Care

It’s true that we are all in this together, now is the time for the WA community to band together to make sure that we are all doing our bit. During these trying times it is prudent to ensure your online communication is sensitive and positive. It may even be a good idea to try and raise funds for those in need, if you are able to. There is no better time to show your clients that you care about them and their community.

That’s it! You’ve reached the end of our list. We hope you’ve found some helpful tips for marketing during social distancing. If you need some more inspiration you can always read our blog “Perth Businesses Who have Nailed Surviving COVID-19” here.

If you like the sound of these tips but have no idea where to start or simply don’t have the time to implement the strategies you’d like, definitely get in touch with us here at Bento Box Design Studio today. We’d love to help with your social media marketing strategy, and if you don’t have design in the mix – we can do that for you. Easy.

Now, if you don’t mind, we’ll be getting back to our banana breads and Dalgona coffee whipping. Did somebody say ‘quarantine baking’?!