Creatives Reported to Survive AI Takeover!

Great news for our creative readers! According to McKinsey and Company, an international Management Consultancy firm, jobs that require high levels of cognitive functioning and social skills fall into the industry sectors that will continue to grow in the future. Even with the prediction of intense Workplace Automation over the next 10 years and beyond. The article specified creativity, critical thinking and decision making as highly valuable employee offerings within business, demand for which will continue to grow into 2030 and beyond.

If you’re here because of an interest in Marketing, then we have good news for you too! The article also predicted that individuals that possess finely tuned social and emotional skills, will be in high demand in the future along with people who can make business decisions, take risks and have entrepreneurial qualities.  

Overall, this article outlines some good news for the team here at Bento Box Design Studio, and also for our colleagues in the design and marketing communities at large. Let us know if you think the skills you have will continue to be valuable, or are you nervous about the automation revolution predicted for the workforce?