How Perth Businesses Have Tackled COVID-19 Using Clever Marketing

When times get tough, it is easy to think of marketing as a frivolous expense that should be cut from the budget, but wait! During challenging times such as these, marketing is actually the last thing a small business should be axing from their repertoire.

Don’t believe us? We have compiled examples of amazing Perth businesses that have thought outside the box and are now thriving (not just surviving) in this COVID-19 era.


Find New Customers on Social Media:

Have you heard of The Mushroom Guys? If not, don’t stress, these guys used to supply gourmet mushrooms to Perth’s best restaurants, now they’re delivering straight to the public! Thanks to quick thinking and a brand new digital marketing campaign (See their Facebook, Instagram and website) this business is now serving their mushrooms to brand new customers.

‘Adapt or Die’ – ever heard of that mantra? It speaks on all notions of whatever comes your way, you deal with it head on or you just simply perish. Marketing strategies change all the time, it’s why they’re called strategies. Even standardised products will find that at some point, the direction needs to be tweaked in order to remain relevant in the mind of consumers. Aside from The Mushroom Guys, there have been plenty of conglomerates who have made it this far because they had chosen to adapt. Take Netflix, where Reed Hastings knew the era of Blockbuster would come to an eventual end.

You see, getting comfortable is the easy way out and we have seen far too many companies who failed to adapt get left behind. If you don’t keep up, you could go from a business with huge net worth, to nothing in seconds.


Convert Foot Traffic to Web Traffic:

Is it time for you to take your business online? If you are in the position to take your products or services to the digital world, just like The Comedy Lounge, this could be the perfect time. Uploading pre-recorded stand-up shows to their website has allowed The Comedy Lounge to continue to service and maintain a relationship with their customers, even though their doors are closed.

In the world of today, not one thing remains constant. Not even Tiffany & Co’s timeless slogan, and neither Disney’s Happiest Place on Earth beats the idea of foregoing stagnancy. As we continue to welcome new technological advancements, we can only hope to recentre our brand on what consumers are using and where they spend most of their time. Long gone are the days where people are relying on one platform to access goods – a variety of different mediums are now expected. So what are you doing to make sure your product is being seen?


Nail Your Communication Strategy:

Last but not least, Double Rainbow at The Rechabite have kept their finger on the pulse by attaining the new WA liquor license that allows licensed venues to provide alcoholic drinks with their takeaway meals. The Double Rainbow team didn’t stop there, they were quick to create an awesome and on trend takeaway menu while seamlessly updating their social media and website, plus nailing their PR to boot!

Your consumers are in the dark more than you think your business is. Sometimes it just takes that little push to show them the light. Whether you’re keeping your restaurant afloat, or you’re trying to increase brand awareness by being involved with the community – don’t do it quietly. Now is the time to really communicate to your market, speak to the masses and create a journey for them. Get to know them well, and tailor to what you believe they may need during these times. In this case, Double Rainbow knew that something as simple as alcoholic drinks might just be their answer and the buyers saviour!

We’re sure that these examples of Perth businesses surviving COVID-19, have inspired you to think about how you can strategise during these trying times. If so, check out our 7 Tips for Marketing During Social Distancing here.

If you think these Perth Businesses did an amazing job, but don’t have the time to brainstorm or run projects like these, don’t worry – that’s where we come in. Get in touch with the team here at Bento Box Design Studio to get the ball rolling on your next amazing Marketing strategy!