I Spy With My Little Eye…

As we are approaching phase 4 of WA’s easing of restrictions, we understand that there are many of you who have chosen to remain at home and self-isolate. Still, there’s the occasional trip to grab a coffee from your local cafe or the need to pick up some take away from your favourite burger joint. However, a regular activity remains with us prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you guessed it. It’s visiting the store once a week to pick up your weekly groceries. 

So why are we talking about your routined trips to Woolworths? We are here to remind everyone that there are many things that influence our work and contribute to the conceptual stage of a project. This includes taking notes and drawing inspiration from everyday items, and perhaps something that has been enjoyed a little more as of lately…comfort food.

Everyday items, local produce and snacks come in all sorts of packaging – and here at Bento Box, you know we love print and product design. From branding, illustration, typography, colour palette to paper stock and even the way the product is packaged, we just love feasting our eyes upon beautifully designed packaging and getting our hands on them. We are surrounded by design choices everyday and you too can be inspired on your next trip to the shops.

Take a look at these 10 beautiful, quirky and adorable packaging that we discovered during self-isolation:


1. Kaman Egg Rolls (Durian Flavour - For all you Durian lovers)

2. Hello Kitty Biscuits

3. Taiwan Milk (Banana & Mango Flavour)

4. Sangaria Milk (Banana & Strawberry)

5. Pico Vegan Chocolate (Hazelnut Milk & Super Dark)

6. Lovingearth Chocolate

7. Macy and Tailor Snack Artisan Pressed Pretzels (Honey Mustard)

8. Guowang Shi Guang

9. Good Fish (Sardines & Tuna)

10. Shark Bay Tiger Prawns