Is Instagram Your Jam?

It’s no secret the world has fallen in love with Instagram and we are guilty as well, with the romance continuing with every-single-day. If you don’t know what Instagram is, then you are missing out! Instagram (or IG for short) is used as a visual-sharing social network, simple…right?

It’s like a whole other planet where hashtags become subject of the conversation. What’s all the fuss about those hashtags? Well, this little ‘#’ categorises your post with others that use the same tag. Using these, posts that are the same subject, train of thought or common interest are connected on a global level. Hashtags are almost seen as a different language that helps you communicate with only others that speak that dialect. Tagging your posts with relevant and specific tags ensures that it is not mixed in with a bunch of photos that are in no way, shape or form related to yours.  For example, tagging your outfit snap with #ootd (outfit of the day) would link your image with all others with the same tag and those who are also interested in fashion.

Everyone’s page is an expression of a visual art in some form and now there are so many ways of displaying your IG page. However, making it work for your brand or business is where most find it tricky. There are many different strategies that aid in the success and effectiveness of marketing through social media and this must be tailored for each specific business. Communicating consistently across all your social media platforms helps you strengthen the message you are conveying and builds a strong brand for your business. The overall aesthetic of your page will be pleasing for followers and keeping your posts engaging will maintain their investment in your business. Expressing a correlated vision to your audience is crucial and a step forward towards being a successful brand.

When people are invited in and allowed to see what is behind the doors, they are more inclined to connect with you and your business. On August 2016, Instagram introduced their Story feature which is fantastic for adding that personal touch to your brand. The Story feature allows you to snap moments from your day to share with the public and your followers. You can talk directly to them and in turn they can put a face to the brand which helps builds an essential interpersonal relationship. The fact that you don’t need to switch over to direct competitors Snapchat Story or Facebook Day means you’ll be further tapping into one of the largest social media platforms.

Instagram is a strong social media tool that is connected to your other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your website or blog. From a business standpoint, Instagram is used to enrich your brand as it not only tells people who you are and what you do but also your values and personal journeys.

Check out our current local favourite accounts that utilises the most of what Instagram has to offer and you’ll see what we mean;

Perth is OK! (@perthisok)

This account has turned into a community by regularly reposting the the best of the best posts from their followers and using those hashtags. Perthisok keeps up with the latest news and allows its followers to see what is happening now!

Active in Perth (@activeinperth)

Just like their description says; They’re movers & shakers for badass physical and mental rewards. What we admire about this account is how they make the most of IG’s functions. They repost, take videos, do giveaways, snap-up instant stories, cross-promote with others in the community and mostly they have breath-taking visuals.

Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty)

This account is the BOOM when it comes to the beauty industry. Social media has made her super successful because she uses and creates hashtags, regularly does giveaways, reposts what’s on trend in the industry and from her very own customers. And on top of that does videos just as much as photo-shoots.

To wrap things up, we will leave you with some pointers from Perth’s IG stars so that you are left feeling inspired and motivated.

Jarrad Seng (@jarradseng)

“Instagram is a community; it’s all about engaging with others. If you want more interest in your work, you have to put the time in to support others as well – it’s a two-way street.”

Pippa McManus Illustration (@lepip)

“For artists, and especially illustrators, buy a scanner and scan your work! It makes a world of difference. Your page has to look pretty and attractive in the end.”

Chloe Poliwka (@pegasusunicorn)

“Post what you like and stay true to your own style. Don’t post things that are simply trendy at the time.”

Helen Janneson Bense (@gypsylovinlight)

“Have a clean look. My photos are really detailed with all the jewellery, so I like bright and simple backgrounds, like the beach.”

Steph Pacca Personal Trainer (@steph_pacca)

“Don’t post too often. It’s annoying! Also, just be real and open – if people ask you a question, then answer it. The important questions, at least, not the stupid ones.”

Russell Ord Photographer (@russellordphoto)

“A lot of people just don’t understand copyright. You’ll see a lot of up-and-coming photographers post photos and tag ten different companies, basically giving away their imagery. It’s crazy. If I see a big surf company take one of my images and put their logo on it, I’ll just send them an invoice. And they pay it!”

Emma Galloway (@mydarlinglemonthyme)

“Share your own photos. If you do repost, then be sure to credit. Not doing that is the biggest no-no.”