Mobile Games that Appeal to Designers

Creatives are suckers for all things art and design. We go weak at the knees for beautiful designs for a vast number of reasons and mobile games are amongst the crowd pleasers. A game’s visuals, concept and gameplay are all key factors to why creatives can become engrossed in a mobile game. Whether it be their use of colours or typefaces, their character development or programming, you can be sure that creatives will be left feeling both inspired and extremely motivated.

Not only do aesthetically pleasing games appeal to creatives as a source of inspiration but they also help them to relax after a long stressful day. Relaxation is a feeling that can be brought upon by the game’s use of colours, soundtrack or polished animation; which in return enhances the player’s experience and interaction. On the other end of the spectrum, for someone who is working in a creative industry it is important to keep your brain stimulated, in order to produce fresh and exciting ideas. The list of games listed down below will help you strengthen not only your design skills, but also your problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Here are Bento Box’s top 6 mobile games:

I Love Hue

iOs, Android

Do you have a strong eye for colour? Put your eyes to the test! As a graphic designer you need a solid understanding of colour theory and a knowledge of how to apply colour to your designs. ‘I Love Hue’ is a minimal and modern colour-based puzzle that trains your eye to recognise and understand the colour spectrum. By rearranging grids of coloured tiles the player has to assemble ordered spectrums. With a vast range of difficulty levels you will not be left craving more. You can see how you stack up to other colour enthusiasts and retry levels to beat your own score. No matter how many moves it takes for you to complete the level the end product is always a beautiful (and very satisfying) piece of art.

Monument Valley

iOs, Android

If you have some money left aside on your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and have a love for artist M. C. Escher than we would highly recommend grabbing this little gem. Monument Valley is every designers dream with its magical concepts of each level, fantastic colour palettes and polished animations. Not only will you want to complete the game in one sitting, but we guarantee that after you complete all the levels you will have all the artwork wallpapers downloaded. From the moment you land on the menu you know you are in for something enchanting.

Monument Valley is a challenging indie puzzle game which is highly engaging and involves both optical illusions and out of the box thinking. Follow princess Ida on her journey. With an amazing relaxing soundtrack we are certain that you won’t be able to put this game down. At $5.99 (iOS, Android), and with only 10 levels this game is a little pricey – but totally worth it. In saying so, with its stunningly unique artwork the game’s story is brought to life with impossible architecture and mind-blowing worlds leaving you thirsty for more at the end. It will feel as though you are making your way through a M.C. Escher drawing.

P.s. We want to see the release of more levels!

Alto's Adventure

iOs, Android

Not only for those creative people Alto’s Adventure is for all you snowboarding lovers too. The game will have you following a young shepherd’s journey down some challenging terrains while he is tasked with rescuing his runaway llamas. The player is brought inside what seems to be a folk children’s book and whisked into another world in this endless runner game. With it’s beautiful animated graphics, fantastic typography and thought out design layout, this mobile game’s entire concept is every designers dream package.

Although the game is 2 dimensional the environment is cleverly layered creating the illusion of depth. Adding to user experience the player becomes extremely engrossed through the game’s use of parallax scrolling. Each landscape whether it be set in the day or night, rain or shine, are so beautifully illustrated that it will have everyone wanting to download the artwork for their wallpaper at the end of the game. Alto’s Adventure’s seamless gameplay and magical animations will not fall short in keeping you feeling inspired and motivated on a slow day – we all have brain farts. Paired with a gorgeous soundtrack this mobile game will definitely make you want to book your next holiday to see the alps!


iOs, Android

Have you been having brain farts lately? Well Shadomatic will ensure that your brain starts picking up the slack and begin to look at things from a different perspective. This is the game to challenge your imagination, make you think creatively and out of the box. The concept of creating shadow puppets with your hands by creating silhouettes on the wall has been transformed into a clever mobile game that combines imagination and problem solving.

The aim of the game is to rotate one or more abstract objects through tilt-enabled parallax views until the unrecognisable object(s) create a familiar silhouette on the wall behind. The gameplay is extremely responsive which adds to the user experience; making the game very enjoyable and engaging. This game is free on Android while the iOS version can be had for $4.49. With 100+ levels and 12 unique environments in which the levels take place in you will not fall short of puzzle solving challenges. On the bright side, for all the iOS players you are given the option to download the free Shadowmatic Lite version, where you will have 14 levels at your disposal.

Shadowmatic will definitely get the blood pumping to your brain.

Smash Hit

iOs, Android

Smash Hit, as the name suggests, is a mobile game that takes you on a journey through a futurist dimension smashing objects, all in first-person perspective. The beautiful graphics will have every creative and game enthusiast trapped inside the game.

Highly responsive, Smash Hit requires great timing, concentration and fast reaction speed. Targets and obstacles are smashed by throwing marbles aimed directly at them, with the gameplay being enhanced alongside the incorporation of realistic glass-breaking mechanics. In addition to simply hitting targets, precision is a key factor to this mobile game. For every level the player encounters the music and sound effects are synchronized with the obstacles, building up the pace and excitement within each room/dimension. The trick therefore is to not smash every obstacles, but to move with the music and carefully avoid obstacles where you can, therefore saving your ammo.

Extremely addictive, time will escape from you when playing this mobile game. Smash Hit is perfect to play on the train ride home from work to rewind!

Dancing Line

iOs, Android

Not only will this game aesthetically please your designers’ eyes and ears, this fast-paced gameplay will also take you on a time travel spin to the classic snake game we all used to play on our Nokia bricks – but with a little twist! Dancing Line combines intriguing picturesque and an original soundtrack that will evoke different emotions as you venture through each obstacle.

This free game available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store features a range of different worlds that have been beautifully designed with increasing difficulty. Each move you make within the map is in sync with soothing music to increase user experience and create an atmosphere like no other. The smooth animations make the game extremely user friendly. The key is to not only watch for obstacles/traps, but to also listen to the beat and melody, further stimulating your senses and trapping you inside a distant world. Dancing Line puts your concentration to the test and challenges your reaction speed. This is the perfect game to keep your brain stimulated and certainly bring out the competitiveness within yourself.

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