Baolicious is a Perth based brand which specialises in serving handcrafted bao buns. Priding themselves in only using natural ingredients and colours, the Baolicious food truck served baos to many happy customers all across Western Australia. With their ever growing success they embarked on a new chapter and opened their first brick and mortar store at the newly revamped food hall at Raine Square.

A brick and mortar store presents many opportunities to showcase the brand, however the challenge was to catch the attention of potential customers within a fast paced environment. For this reason, Baolicious partnered with Bento Box Design Studio to develop a visually engaging solution which would showcase their menu to the highly populated Perth CBD and Perth foodies. As a result, an animated menu which generously spanned across 3 digital screens, alongside printed posters were put together. A fun and approachable design for the menu was developed through the use of cut out images and bold colours in order to grab the attention of busy workers, whilst appealing to the younger market and families. To reflect Baolicious’ point of difference, making bao buns freshly by hand, Bento Box Design Studio also applied a paper texture to the designs to emphasise the handcrafted qualities of the bao buns.

You can now enjoy Baolicious by following their truck or by checking out their tasty menu at their Raine Square store today!