Established in 2001, Utopia is a local family owned Bubble Tea brand that ignited the love and craze for Bubble Tea in many individuals all around Western Australia. Utopia was amongst the first to educate the masses of Bubble Tea and has persisted to spread the experience of drinking freshly brewed Bubble Tea with everyone who is open to give it a go. With 13 stores in Western Australia, Utopia hope to bring joy, love, and comfort with their creations, trusting that this is how the world can move towards creating a Utopia on Earth, one lovingly made Bubble Tea at a time. 

Utopia approached Bento Box Design Studio to assist with curating visuals that would capture the essence of Utopia’s offerings. Through redefining Utopia’s imagery, Bento Box Design Studio helped breathe new life into Utopia’s brand identity. By introducing modern illustrations that exude cosiness and warmth, and professional photography which highlights the ingredients and freshness of the teas, we have crafted a visual language that truly represents the essence of Utopia that entices and engages their target audience.

To maximise Utopia’s brand reach and engagement, we have crafted tailored marketing campaigns that utilise the new brand image. These campaigns are designed to create captivating content around new drinks or promotions, fostering a strong connection between Utopia and its audience. Social media content, assets for the Utopia website and printed marketing collateral all consist of the refined colour palette, typography suite, imagery and graphics which inject a sense of sophistication into Utopia’s visual presence, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.