Opening its doors in late 2021, Mimochi was the first to bring Japanese mochi donuts to the people here in Perth. Beginning with a mochi donut craving, Mimochi set off with the help of close friends and have now slowly made a prominent name for themselves within the food community. 

Bento Box Design Studio was approached by owners, Celine and Zaw, to help reinvent their takeaway boxes. A cute, yet minimal design was the key component to Mimochi’s packaging. Redesigning the existing illustration of their daughter Juliet, Bento Box Design Studio softened the art style and introduced newborn son, Harvey, to emphasise the qualities of a Mimochi donut itself – soft like a pillow, sweet and adorable. Golden tones were chosen for the package design to resemble the colours of a donut.

To accompany the new art style of the takeaway boxes, custom window vinyls were illustrated by Bento Box Design Studio to inject some personality into the Mimochi store. Utilising a portion of the window space on each end of the storefront allowed the store to keep the natural lighting and make sure the store remains approachable and visible from the street.