Geláre is a place where families and friends come for social connection while enjoying freshly baked waffles that are made everyday in-store or to experience the unique taste of super-premium ice cream and small-batch roasted barista blend coffee. With 9 stores in Western Australia, Geláre is the perfect local destination for any time and season.

Recognising the importance of staying current in an ever-evolving market, Geláre sought a creative and innovative solution to expand upon their brand strategy. Working closely with Geláre to understand their vision, Bento Box Design Studio helped Geláre embark on a comprehensive brand modernisation strategy to extend their recently refreshed aesthetic. Through understanding Gelare’s brand essence, Bento Box Design Studio made sure that Geláre’s values and traditions were preserved during this update.

One of the key aspects of Geláre’s transformation was the revamping of printed materials such as elevating the ice cream and coffee cups, and menus. By incorporating modern design elements, Bento Box Design Studio infused Geláre’s brand identity with a contemporary flair. The result? A cohesive and visually appealing brand presence that captivates Geláre’s customers from the very first glance.

Furthermore, Bento Box Design Studio designed and built a brand new website that truly reflects a modern aesthetic. Understanding the importance of user experience and functionality, the website not only showcases Geláre’s delectable offerings, but also provides a seamless browsing experience for online visitors. In addition to print and digital design solutions, Bento Box works hand in hand with Geláre to develop effective marketing strategies, particularly in the realm of social media.

By striking a delicate balance between traditional and modern, Bento Box Design Studio has aimed to position Geláre as a contemporary brand that resonates with both loyal customers and new audiences alike.