Starting a Business Without a Degree

Everyone in one stage of their life has thought about starting a business but rarely takes that next step into making it happen. People often think that it is vital to have a degree or certificate in business in order to start this huge commitment and are scared away by those daunting and doubtful thoughts. But we would like to share with you our tips on how to start a business without a degree, and show you that with the right mind set and correct course of action you too can start your very own business!

The start-up of any business begins with that light globe idea and that Go-Getter attitude.

Do your research

Before sitting down and writing-out that all-important business plan, we suggest you investigate and suss-out every nook and cranny of your idea. Check-out what’s happening in your industry, analyse your competition and suss out what has already been done and what has not. There are already so many businesses out there, what is going to make yours different? Look into opportunities that no one else has discovered yet to ensure that you will stand out of the crowd. Look into workshops, and government resources that may help you with starting up a business, and don’t be afraid to speak to others who have already been through the same thing; this will speed up the process as you learn the secrets of the trade. Research is the key to starting a new and innovative business.

Take action and do your planning

This process is always daunting, however, it is crucial in giving yourself clarity (definition is always hard, but oh so important). There are many templates available to you online that will hep you think about aspects that may have not crossed your mind. Don’t worry we’ve been there too! In saying so, the more thorough you are the more organised and structured your business will be. Make sure to write it all down, we all know too well that our head is a mecca of ideas and things get lost. When you are able to see things in front of you, you can take a step back and re-evaluate and pick up on any issues that need addressing.

Don’t cheapen yourself

Ask yourself what is going to make your job easier? Pay a professional to do what they are good at so that you can focus on running your business. With every business there are different budgets and financial situations, but you should value yourself and your business and pay for the best. Utilising a cheap service just because they are keeping your costs down is not the way to go. What are they really offering you? Are they offering you a quality service that is consistent with your brand? Deciding which services you should spend more money on for your business will make starting up smoother from the get-go. If you are choosing between the cheaper and more expensive option, ask yourself what would benefit you the most in the long-run?  When starting a business, we all fall into the trap of wanting to see instant profit. Although having short-term goals is crucial, long-term goals are just as important (think about the growth of your business!) Do it right from the start and you wont have to go back and fix things up later down the line.

There is always help out there

Learn as much as you can from others and try things out. This is how we discover what we excel at and gain experiences for life. Work hard and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Look up workshops, tutorials, seminars, network, and get your hands on anything that will make your job easier. There are many websites, groups of people, and professionals that offer you help when you are stuck.

Therefore, a degree or certificate isn’t necessarily vital or the only thing required to start a business. It is not a huge must, but we are not saying no to getting a degree either! We learn skills and gain knowledge from all “paths of life”, however; it will likely be easier with an educational background. Nevertheless, we hope our tips have steered you in the right direction and helped you along your merry way.

Now go, get on your entrepreneurial path, and always remember, that we are always here to help you.