Top Mobile Apps for Creatives

Living in a fast paced society where technological advances are aiding creatives in bringing concepts to final product, programs and mobile apps are continually evolving, making the process more easy, and streamlined. Creatives are presented with more and more options and tools that help them produce work on the go. Apps have been established for easy use and integration between mobile devices, and tablets to pc. From the research stage, sketching concepts, to transferring ideas from paper to computer and during a client meeting, these six mobile apps for creatives are Bento Box’s go to for yielding professional results.


iOs, Android

With over 200 million users, if Pinterest was a country it would be the 7th largest in the world! Pinterest is about discovering new ideas and applying them to your life. This is perfect for creatives who are looking for inspiration from over 100 billion user ideas. Images can be easily pinned at the touch of a button and can become quite addictive when pinning to multiple boards.

Boards can be shared with other Pinterest users, and can be an excellent way of sharing ideas with team members when working on a collaborative project. Pinterest is a fantastic platform for clients to show the designer what they envision for their own project, and in return guide the designer in the right direction. With new features such as the ‘more’ tool, Pinterest allows users to effortlessly explore images that are similar to ones that have already been saved to an existing Pinterest board.

For all the creatives who are still unfamiliar with Pinterest, we do realise there is a mountain of content to trek through, so here are 25 graphic designers to scope out that will help you along your creative journey.

Adobe Capture CC

iOs, Android

Where other apps may fall short with their functionality on the go, Adobe Illustrator Draw has all the boxes ticked. This platform developed by the ever so reliable Adobe is your go to canvas to let your imagination run free. With a diverse range of brushes (which can all be resized) and utilities, Illustrator Draw is simple enough for a beginner to pick up and yet still packed with enough features for even a seasoned veteran to deem useful.

Illustrator Draw also hosts a range of shape and line tools and when paired with the rest of the tools at your disposal, create quite eye-catching illustrations. One of the features we love is the ability to edit over photos you’ve either taken yourself, downloaded from online or grabbed from adobe’s vast catalogue.

Looking for critiques or a little feedback on your creations? This handy helper also allows you to share your designs with adobe’s online community. Don’t take our word for it, check out the video below for more information.

Photo Director

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Offering a wide range of photo editing tools, this app is definitely one for the semi-novice or even professional photographer. Taking photo editing up to the next level, Photo Director contains tools that are similar to those used in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Features including the ‘removal’ tool allow the user to remove objects from a photograph in the same way you would remove an object in Photoshop using the ‘Spot Healing’ brush, ‘HSL’ to isolate colours and ‘curves’ which allow the user to control the tones in an image.

Photo Director also offers goodies every creative would want to add that little extra something to their photo. To mention a few of our favourites, with the ability to retouch portraits, users have the option to correct and smooth out skin blemishes with the skin tool. Leaving you with a subtle airbrushing effect, it is perfect for creatives who are uploading portraits to their social media pages and require quick touch ups. In addition to, Photo Director allows users to add overlays and incorporate textures or lighting effects into their photos to enhance the feeling a photo. Be playful, experiment and really make your photos one of a kind with the help of Photo Director.


iOs, Android

When Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom is not easily accessible or available to you and you want to change the colours of your photographs, VSCO is the perfect app to solve that problem. Fantastic for creating different moods, VSCO let’s photographers explore their personalities through photos. Offering a fantastic range of not only filters but a vast range of editing tools as well, VSCO will deliver a professional end result to your photos. Releasing new filter packs (both paid and free) at a generous rate you will be sure to find the right filter to make your style shine through. Once you have found your style and want to replicate the edits so that all your photos look the same, just simple hit that ‘Copy Edits’ button and apply it to all. In this way you create a consistent image for all your photos. How easy is that?

VSCO also boasts a fairly generous sharing platform where users can share their inspirations and creations. In a way, VSCO has created a community for both professional, aspiring and novice photographers. Integrated with other social media platforms such as Instagram, users can easily find other VSCO users with a simple search of popular hashtags such as #vsco, #vscocam or #vscodaily. Pop on over to ‘Is Instagram Your Jam?’ to see how integrating VSCO and Instagram can help you as a creative or business.

Cam Scanner

iOs, Android

In this fast paced world where wireless devices are becoming increasingly popular, traditional scanners that can only be accessed directly via the computer are being left behind. Cam Scanner is the perfect app for creatives who do not own a scanner, have no easy access to one or too lazy to turn the old school scanner on. Cam Scanner is especially useful when you have doodled down a brilliant idea onto a napkin when you are out at a cafe, and need to transfer it onto your computer for developing and finalising at a later time. Through ‘Scanning’ the image by using the camera the app allows you to instantly retouch the image ready to export straight to your computer.

Not only useful for the conceptual stage of a project, Cam Scanner is great for business meetings with clients and preparing text documents. When you need a document scanned, the app easily allows you to grab an instant copy on the go. If you do not have access to a tablet and need to add a digital signature to your document, you can write it on a piece of paper and use Cam Scanner to ‘scan’ it, ready to be transferred to your computer and inserted into your document. This is extremely helpful for those who are starting a business. Ideas don’t only strike when you are sitting down at a desk, surrounded by 4 walls. Starting a business is different for everyone, and doing research or finding inspiration may take place out at a park or at your local cafe. Cam Scanner will always be on hand for all your business and creative needs. If you want to read more about how to start a business, head on over to ‘Starting a Business Without a Degree’.