When Design Takes Over

Is being a graphic designer a curse or a blessing? Design is all around us in our everyday lives, however, not everyone sees and experiences it in the same way. As designers we tend to be much more observant when it comes to how things have been designed. We admire, praise, pick up on mistakes and often the hot topic being the question ‘why?’. Design is all around us ranging from signage, billboards, business cards, graphics on cars, and all the way to your daily take away coffee cup. – You can even say it consumes us.

The team at Bento Box have put together a list of 12 things our graphic designers do or ask themselves everyday down below:

  1. Admire/buy products because of packaging.
  2. Critiquing menu designs – Shouldn’t that be aligned?
  3. Critique on a logo’s effectiveness in relation to their business
  4. Critique use of colour(s)
  5. Asking yourself ‘Who designed this? It’s amazing!’ – Can we hunt them down on Behance?
  6. Guessing/recognising fonts – That’s Papyrus!
  7. Take aesthetically pleasing photos – We love to document.
  8. Comparing/picking up designs that look similar to already existing brands.
  9. Admire and collect our favourite business cards.
  10. Collect printed designs for keepsake or inspiration for present/future projects (E.g. look books, catalogues, flyers)
  11. Deconstruct both good and bad designs – Let’s take a look at the spacing!
  12. Spot out good photo shoot venues.