Facebook’s Newsfeed is Changing, is Your Business Ready?

Marketing on Facebook has always been a valuable tool in any companies online marketing strategy. This means that, any changes to Facebook’s algorithms must be analysed and understood by businesses and marketers, in order for these people to stay relevant and to ensure their efforts to remain effective. Based on this, we’re going to explore the changes to the Newsfeed ranking system implemented by Facebook in January of 2018. What businesses and marketing professionals need to know, is how the changes made by Facebook may affect the reach and traffic to their target markets on this platform.

Facebook is going back to its roots. Originally, Facebook was used by people wanting to connect with their friends and family. This is the type of engagement that Facebook is trying to re-invigorate. In order to fuel this change, several key Newsfeed ranking system adjustments have been made. Essentially, Facebook will now rank posts that create “active” engagement higher than posts that elicit “passive” engagement. Meaning, posts that encourage people to comment and share with their friends will have a higher ranking and therefore will appear higher on a user’s Newsfeed. This is good news for company pages that strongly engage with their audience and who spend a lot of time creating highly unique and engaging content.

What this means for everyone else is that the social media content game has changed. Clickbait/Engagement bait posts, will continue to be devalued within the newsfeed hierarchy. Company pages can no longer get away with sharing uninspired posts that clutter the user’s Newsfeed with data that people aren’t interested in. Examples given by Facebook in their press release, of content that will be positively impacted by these policies are; live videos, events hosted by your page, content that sparks conversation, content that is highly geographically specific, content posted into facebook groups and content that is highly shareable among friends e.g. someone sending your link to a friend in messenger.

For businesses future Facebook marketing strategies, the most important thing will be dedicating the resources required to create Facebook content that can take advantage of these policy changes. For us here at Bento Box Design Studio, we are excited about this new ranking system as we believe it will push for more unique and creative content on the platform. We look forward to the challenge of generating exciting and highly engaging content for all of our clients.