Please Clean Up Your Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky Facebook stalk? We can definitely tell you who does…that potential employer! Would you believe that 80% of employers google job applicants before inviting them to an interview? Social media plays such a large role in the world we live in today that it is incredibly hard to escape it. Your profile creates […]

Facebook’s Newsfeed is Changing, is Your Business Ready?

Marketing on Facebook has always been a valuable tool in any companies online marketing strategy. This means that, any changes to Facebook’s algorithms must be analysed and understood by businesses and marketers, in order for these people to stay relevant and to ensure their efforts to remain effective. Based on this, we’re going to explore […]

Defensive Googling, a Why/How to Guide

Defensive Googling is the process of finding all the content on the internet that is associated  with your name. How you come across on the internet is more important than ever in this connected world. Whether you’re applying for jobs or seeking new clients, these people WILL google you. Over 80% of companies will google a job applicant […]