Please Clean Up Your Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky Facebook stalk? We can definitely tell you who does…that potential employer! Would you believe that 80% of employers google job applicants before inviting them to an interview?

Social media plays such a large role in the world we live in today that it is incredibly hard to escape it. Your profile creates a snapshot of who you are and your interests for potentially anyone to see. You might not think of it at the time but something as simple as checking the privacy settings of those photos from the weekend can potentially keep you off the rejected pile. Read on for our guide on cleaning up your social media when applying for your next job!

Social media has paved the way for connections that some of us would only dream of and this extends well into the business world. Employers are looking to social media to find candidates with a professional image and a great personality along with the ability to verify your background information. All of these can be completely undone with some inappropriate tweets or unflattering tagged photos so make you are presenting the best version of you on all your profiles.

To create the professional image that employers are looking for on Facebook especially, you might want to keep your private life away from prying eyes. Take a look at who can view your profile in the settings tab. This can range from any stranger to only your friends so make sure you assess who you would think is most appropriate to view your entire profile. We would also highly recommend having a look at your tagged photos. You might want to set any photos including any irresponsible behaviour to private as these could possibly send the wrong image to a potential employer.



We all need to vent. It’s a fact of life. If you’ve got to release some steam, you might want to reconsider putting that out into the Twittersphere. You would want to instead post relevant content and connect with those in the industry. This shows thats you are keeping up to the date with the latest trends and news within your field and you are prepared to deliver value in any role that you are applying for.



This is one that employers are definitely looking out for nowadays! This is the best way to see how ready you are to enter a professional workforce. Employers will be looking for raving reviews from past employers or clients and will also be double checking your experience and qualifications. Make sure all these details are accurate and updated regularly. Just a tip with your profile photo, it does not need to be taken professionally in a studio but make sure it is a clear image of your face and remember to smile! You want to seem approachable and friendly!



You might not think much of Instagram in the professional world, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you might be found on there. You can set your account to private to keep your images visible to followers only but you may run the risk of coming off as you have something to hide. If your account is public, make sure you’re showing off your different hobbies or interests. This shows the depth of your personality to employers and if you’re in the creative industry, Instagram is a great way to showcase your talents. Keep in mind that your bio is always visible no matter your privacy setting so we suggest avoiding any profanity or inappropriate descriptions. Read more about writing your Instagram bio here.

It’s no secret that in this modern age, we are sometimes judged based on our online presence along with our resume and experience. As the world of social media grows exponentially, keep in mind that cleaning up your profile across each platform is as important as a cover letter.

Let us know in the comments if you have had to clean up your profiles before applying for a position and from the Bento Box team, we wish you the best of luck getting that dream job!