Ramen Crawl (Part 1)

Ramenites unite!

Anyone who has visited Japan would have had a steaming hot bowl of Japanese noodles in broth called ramen. What is ramen you may ask? Ramen is a Japanese dish that contains freshly made noodles in a amazing meat-based broth, often accompanied by toppings such as pork and vegetables. Have you ever wondered about where you can get yourself some authentic and quality ramen right here in Perth without having to book yourself plane tickets? The team at Bento Box put aside a weekend, got out their elastic pants and got their ramen on. Judging each joint on a vast number of categories there were a few dark horses that arose from the results. Here are some of the top spots to get your ramen fix.

Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar (Closed)


Expanding from their Fremantle venue, Oceans has opened a second restaurant which focuses on ramen and donburi (Japanese rice bowls). In July 2016 Northbridge welcomed Oceans Ramen & Donburi bar to one of their food strips conveniently located on Roe Street. Opened 7 days a week it is just a short walk from ample parking and the heart of northbridge; making it the perfect place for a late lunch or dinner after a night out in Northbridge with friends. Suitable for small or medium sized groups, Oceans ramen & donburi bar has generous seating fit for any occasion.

Homemade using premium Western Australian flour, the noodles in every ramen dish are firm, springy to the bite and of the highest quality. Complemented by a rich pork bone broth each Tonkotsu ramen is served from a choice of 3 flavours (soy, miso and salt). With a wide variety of toppings and an option to choose from hard, standard or soft noodles, you cannot go wrong with a bowl of ramen at Oceans Ramen & Donburi Bar. You’ll be captivated by the presentation of each bowl served to you with the unique inclusion of a piece of seaweed with the ‘Oceans’ logo imprinted on it. Not failing to grab our attention it gives the ramen a ‘wow’ factor and nice personal touch.

Also be sure to order their Gyozas! Cooked to light brown perfection, crispy around the edge with a soft and juicy filling – these gyozas are some of the best in town. The only problem is that there’s not more in a serving!

Ramen Samurai

Victoria Park

We think we have found the most melt in the mouth meat for your ramen fix here in Perth. Recently opening their doors on the food strip in Victoria Park in December 2016, Ramen Samurai has kicked things off with a bang! Their authentic venue with a modern twist makes this restaurant the perfect go-to for any occasion. With the incorporation of a ‘viewing window’ this restaurant allows the diner to watch the fresh and high quality noodle making process.

Love the meat in your ramen and always adding that extra piece of cha shu? Well we have some good news for you. Ramen Samurai tops off their beautifully presented ramen dishes with fantastic quality meat. Using soft braised pork, Ramen Samurai slowly cooks it’s cha shu and lightly chars it to perfection to give it that extra flavour and melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Paired with a variety of broths and noodles made in-house with Australian flour you can be sure you’re getting quality ramen.

Can we hear a hey-hoe to the sides dishes though? We weren’t sure if takoyaki could possibly be any more delicious however, Ramen Samurai have proved us wrong! For those who do not know what takoyaki is or has never tried it, we urge you to get on the takoyaki train immediately. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made out of a wheat flour-based batter filled with a super awesome octopus filling. It is accompanied by a drizzle of mayonnaise, a tangy takoyaki sauce and topped off with katsuobushi, aka dancing dried bonito flakes. At Ramen Samurai the traditionally served takoyaki has the addition of a special chilli mayo that gives the dish a ever so slight kick in the mouth – yummo!

Oishii Ramen


Talk about an authentic japanese dining experience. Still quite new to the game, Oishii Ramen was founded in May 2016. Being a smaller joint, Oishii perfectly represents the fast-paced lifestyle and space-efficient restaurants that can be found all throughout Japan. Located in the bustling eating quarter of Myaree, Oishii Ramen is certainly a heavy hitter. With it’s limited seating and small table sizes, patrons come and go quickly making Oishii Ramen the perfect place to grab a quick meal during your lunch break. It achieves  this whilst reciprocating the fast-paced lifestyle of the Japanese. Ramen is known for being a “quick slurp and go” style of eating as the lunch breaks in Japan are so short (however the queue is much longer). From the minute you step through the Japanese door curtains at Oishii you will be taken to another world.

Do you love Shoyu Ramen as much as we do? If you haven’t tried it we would highly recommend giving it a go at Oishii. With a balanced and full flavoured broth it is no wonder that Oishii diners are dubbed ‘slurpers’. Paying high attention to their broth, Oishii takes the cake for staying true to traditional ramen flavours. Throw in some soft yet springy noodles, delicious bamboo slices, seaweed strips, tender slices of cha-shu and you have some of the best ramen that can be found in Perth.

Get slurping with Oishii!

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya (Closed)

Perth CBD

Aren’t sure about where to go next for date night or simply craving quality food that won’t break the bank? Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya is stepping up the ramen game here in Perth. With stores all over the US, Tokyo and Taiwan, they are now located in the heart of the Perth CBD. This relatively new restaurant can be found on St. Georges Terrace in Central Park. The modern interior and natural lighting from the full height windows gives the restaurant a real premium atmosphere making it oh so instagram worthy. The contemporary presentation of the food paired with the authenticity of the dishes makes for an amazing dining experience!

For those looking for a healthier option this is definitely the place for you. Ramen is known for being food for the traditional working man in Japan and being heavy smokers, a saltier broth was cooked up to help stimulate their tastebuds. However, Kizuki offers low sodium options for their diners and understand that some people are health conscious; adapting their broths to suit our western lifestyle by using less salt. Their noodles were like no other. The texture and bounce, made each of the ramen dishes refreshing and exciting. You’ll be sure to order that extra side of noodles when eating at Kizuki.

Special shout out to that karaage chicken. The chicken is lightly covered allowing the meat to shine through and avoids domination by the batter. Super juicy, nicely seasoned and not drenched in oil….that’s what we are talking about!

Drop by and say hello to Gavin and his friendly staff. You won’t regret it.

Nao Ramen

Perth CBD

Perhaps the most well known ramen joint in Perth – Ask anyone who eats ramen for a recommendation and they’ll send you straight to Nao. Well guess what ramenites? When you crave ramen during the Summer time there is no reason to sit outside in the blasting sun anymore! Recently relocating from Murray street to Hay street within the Equus Arcade, Nao has expanded their restaurant giving it a modern upgrade and ideal atmosphere. Priding themselves in homemade noodles made fresh every day, you can expect high quality and original Japanese flavours from these guys. Although the location is on ground level, there is an emulated underground ambience which in turn creates a very intimate venue. Perfect for a casual meal with friends or a special night out where you don’t have to bring out the pearls.

Nao’s customization game is strong! Offering 2 different serving sizes – the standard though is still very generous. For each ramen dish, diners are also given the option of choosing between 4 different types of noodles. This makes ordering time very tough when deciding between white (egg noodle), green (spinach infused), red (chilli infused) or black (squid ink infused) noodles. Don’t forget there is also a wide selection to choose from when you want to add extra toppings to your ramen. There is so much to consider it might make your head spin! However you customise your bowl, you’d be sure to get the best quality hand-made noodles and full-flavoured broth that perfectly represents what japanese ramen is all about.

For those who are craving ramen but do not feel like drinking that hot broth, you cannot go past Nao’s soy based cold ramen. With it’s large serving size and zesty flavours this is something a little different to the classic ramen. The noodles are presented with yummy toppings, a light soup and some ice blocks (might sound a little odd at first) to chill the noodles. This dish succeeds in giving you that kick and leaves you feeling refreshingly cooled. Definitely a favourite here amongst the team at Bento Box. So for all those hot 30+ degree days in Perth, cold ramen has got your back!

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