Do Schools Kill Creativity?

As a creative, do you often find yourself convincing people that the work you do is important, meaningful or worth the money you charge for it? Sir Ken Robinson delivers a TED Talk which explains the possible reason for this phenomenon.

In the video below, Sir Robinson details several key points that aim to explore the reason as to why children lose their capacity for creativity as they grow older and how people can miss opportunities to explore their potential talents. Have you ever heard someone (most likely your parents or a teacher) tell you to give up something you’re passionate about because “you’ll never get a job in that”? Yeah, that’s because of the Academic Ability Hierarchy.

Generally speaking, our society and industries at large, value academic fluency in specific subjects over others. Generally, mathematics and languages are considered to be of more importance than arts or design. As a result of this, creative people are often maneuvered away from things they’re skilled at because what they’re good at is not valued or encouraged.

In the TED Talk, creativity is defined as being “original ideas that have value,” luckily for us at Bento Box Design Studio, we feel that we have found the perfect balance of ideas and value and we have enjoyed the journey to get here, but we know that is not everyone’s experience.

Are you a creative? Have you struggled with similar topics that are touched on in the TED Talk? Have a watch of the video and comment below if you agree with Sir Robinson.