The Importance of Brand Consistency

Consumers always want to work with or buy services from companies who have brands that they can trust. It’s a simple concept but it is 100% fact. We all tend to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ and this is also evident when we approach a business to purchase services or products. Branding is a tool used to connect with your audience through creating a visual package of your business that people recognise and recall instantly – this is vital to your success. By communicating consistently across all areas, you’ll be well on the way to developing that relationship with your audience before they have even stepped inside your store. When your consumers know who you truly are, they begin to trust your brand and are more likely to use your service or buy your product again and again.

Clarifying your brand, and truly defining your business is the first and most important step in your marketing strategy that should not be looked over lightly.

Branding is lingo for essentially a businesses identity; it tells people who they are? what they do? and what characteristics, values and attitudes are associated with that particular company. It extends beyond the colour palette, and use of font and is seen across all aspects including promotional material, social media platforms and website to the physical location aesthetic. When these communications are inconsistent it creates confusion in the mind of the customer and becomes a short step away from not selling and losing business.

For example, you meet a really sweet person and accumulate positive views on them based on your first interaction. Second date comes around and they do a total 180o and its like they are a completely different person. This is what it’s like when your brand is portrayed in different ways across all your networks.  A brand is supposing there to help encourage people to buy a product or use a service. Nevertheless, people are more likely to be hesitant about working with someone that is misleading or has an unpredictable personality. In that same way customers are inclined to deal with companies that are portrayed consistently across all platforms.

A strong brand should always be well established before executing any marketing venture. The two go hand in hand but branding is about “this is who I am and this is what I value. If you like me please, support me” rather than plain marketing “this is my product and its awesome“. The businesses image will linger in the minds of your customers long after the marketing campaign has finished. Marketing a fantastic brand determines if you will have loyal customers or not. Ask yourself will people remember your logo? Will they be able to pick your business out from the crowd? Having a consistent brand makes marketing your business or services much more effective.

Branding is something not everyone thinks about but trust us…. it has such a large scope and is the foundation of every successful business. Be honest about who you are, translate your values to your customers and in return they will trust and believe in your company. Having a strong brand creates a sense of reputability. It shows people that you have a well thought out, and structured business that has targeted themselves extraordinarily well to their audience. By appealing to your target audience you will generate loyal customers that will give you long-term results.