Future Proofing for the Rise of Gen Z

So you’re a small business owner, nailing your marketing efforts and ensuring you have an innovative and profitable business, right? If so, you definitely want to know about this. We have a secret to let you in on – Generation Z (also known as Gen Z and Zoomers). This group of young people defined by […]

I Spy With My Little Eye…

As we are approaching phase 4 of WA’s easing of restrictions, we understand that there are many of you who have chosen to remain at home and self-isolate. Still, there’s the occasional trip to grab a coffee from your local cafe or the need to pick up some take away from your favourite burger joint. […]

Please Clean Up Your Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky Facebook stalk? We can definitely tell you who does…that potential employer! Would you believe that 80% of employers google job applicants before inviting them to an interview? Social media plays such a large role in the world we live in today that it is incredibly hard to escape it. Your profile creates […]

Top Mobile Apps for Creatives

Living in a fast paced society where technological advances are aiding creatives in bringing concepts to final product, programs and mobile apps are continually evolving, making the process more easy, and streamlined. Creatives are presented with more and more options and tools that help them produce work on the go. Apps have been established for […]

Ramen Crawl (Part 2)

Ramenites, we are reunited! With the number of Japanese eateries rising in Perth, the team at Bento Box had to go get their ramen on again. Our never ending search continues to find the most authentic and quality ramen that Perth has to offer. This time around we are focusing on the restaurants that have […]

When Design Takes Over

Is being a graphic designer a curse or a blessing? Design is all around us in our everyday lives, however, not everyone sees and experiences it in the same way. As designers we tend to be much more observant when it comes to how things have been designed. We admire, praise, pick up on mistakes […]

Mobile Games that Appeal to Designers

Creatives are suckers for all things art and design. We go weak at the knees for beautiful designs for a vast number of reasons and mobile games are amongst the crowd pleasers. A game’s visuals, concept and gameplay are all key factors to why creatives can become engrossed in a mobile game. Whether it be […]

Ramen Crawl (Part 1)

Ramenites unite! Anyone who has visited Japan would have had a steaming hot bowl of Japanese noodles in broth called ramen. What is ramen you may ask? Ramen is a Japanese dish that contains freshly made noodles in a amazing meat-based broth, often accompanied by toppings such as pork and vegetables. Have you ever wondered […]

Is Instagram Your Jam?

It’s no secret the world has fallen in love with Instagram and we are guilty as well, with the romance continuing with every-single-day. If you don’t know what Instagram is, then you are missing out! Instagram (or IG for short) is used as a visual-sharing social network, simple…right?